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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to go to Hong Kong to open a bank account?

Yes, All banks will require you to make a visit to their branch and go through the opening process in person. Its very quick and it can be solved like a normal visit to the bank.

How long does the company registration process takes?

No more than a few days.

Can Corporation China also do my tax and accounting?

Yes, there is no problem having the same service provider to do all your required services. Corporation China offers a complete solution for your company in Hong Kong. Take a look at our services page for more details.

I am required to live in Hong Kong to start a business?

No, its not necessary to live or be in Hong Kong to open a company.
However, in order for you to live there you will have to apply for a Visa. As for the type of Visa this will depend what documents you are able to provide. Its is common to be required demonstrations of how you company will benefit the city in terms of hiring staff, volume of taxes, and so on. Its pretty much a case by case procedure.

Do I have to go to Hong Kong to open my company?

No, its is not required to go there. You can do everything remotely.