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ONE STOP SOLUTIONS for your business in ASIA


All In One Annual Services for a Hong Kong Companies

Tax and Accounting services provided in order to reflect the execution situation of fiduciary responsibility of enterprises management staff and help the users of financial report to make economic decision. Such as enterprise’s financial status, operational result and cash flow, etc.

  • Corporate Tax Advisory
  • China Tax Services
  • Hong Kong Tax Services
  • Indirect Tax Services
  • Cross-Border Investment Tax Structure Planning
  • Bookkeeping Service
  • Establishment of Accounting Policy
  • Compilation of Financial Statements

How does the Registration and Maintenance of the Hong Kong company works:

Corporation China will offer everything you need.

For the 1st year

• The incorporation documents and company kit (seal, stamp and so on)

• Company Registration (Government fee)

• Business Registration Certificate (Government fee)

• Company Secretary Services (Annual package)

• Registered Office Address (Annual package)

• Assistance to open your business bank account (you can actually open the bank account on your own but it does take time and effort).

Ps: special licenses depending on your business type may apply

For the 2nd year and beyond

• Business Registration Renew (Mandatory every year – Government fee)

• Annual Return (Government fee)

• Company Secretary Services (Annual package)

• Registered Office Address (Annual package)

Starting from the second year, the cost to maintain the company will be lower. Note that renewing the business certificate is a straightforward process, as you don’t even need to sign any documents: Corporation China will collect your fee, handle all the paperwork and send the new business certificate to you.

TAX AND ACCOUNTING is also part of Corporation China’s scope of services. Finally, within 18 months of incorporation (and then every year), a profit tax return must be filled. We will offer you accounting and auditing service with costs varying based on the number of invoices you produce. Your only task will be to email the invoices to our responsible accountant team so they can take care of everything else.

Tax declaration are one of the main reasons companies get in trouble with the government, its highly suggested to leave this part of the business to a recognized account firm in order to prevent future unpleasant surprises.

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